To all of our dental office clients, we value you and wish the best for each of you during this changing time.

Our dental office is temporarily closed in the Midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

We are re-evaluating the situation on a regular basis and will reopen only when it is safe for all to do so.

With regards to currently scheduled appointments for future dates:

We will be individually contacting patients as that time approaches, generally 2-3 weeks in advance, with updated information.

There is no need to call our office at this time, about a previously scheduled future appointment date.

These are difficult and changing times for all, and we do appreciate your patience with the situation.

We take your safety to heart now, as we always have.

Safety has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for us.

We will continue, as we always have, to be proactive and diligent in following all recommended guidelines and science available.

                             We continue to look for the most up to date scientific information and direction, as it emerges, in order to provide you with the level of safety we have always taken to heart.

We look to working safely with the current Covid 19 guidelines as they are developed from BC Public Health,  the College of Dental Surgeons BC, The BC Dental Association, Canada Public Health,  the Canadian Dental Association, and indeed the Centers for Disease Control worldwide, and the World Health Organization.

For any of our patients who may be concerned about the Pacific Dental Conference on March 5 -7:

We are happy to advise you that all team members from our office who attended the conference have passed through the 14 day period of potential concern without exhibiting any symptoms.  In the words of our BC Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry on March 24, 2020

“If you saw your dentist during that time, and they had no symptoms, then you are not at risk.”

What about Ongoing Possible Dental Emergencies?

We continue to be concerned about our patients’ dental health and how to safely handle potential dental emergencies for individuals who are already current patients of our office.

At this time, we have very limited ability to provide treatment other than consultation and referral to a facility designed to manage the Covid 19 virus.

Currently we have set the following in place for you:

If you are already a current patient of our office, and you have a dental emergency:

You may leave a voice message at our main office telephone number

250 338 2599

to set up an appointment for a telephone consultation with one of our doctors.

Please leave your name and the best number for you to be reached at* and a brief description of your dental concern/emergency

*Our answering machine will only be checked at 10:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays, and at that time we will begin to return your calls in the order they have been received so that we can set up an appointment time that morning to have you consult with the doctors by telephone.

Please do not contact us by email.

Please do not come to the office.

We will not be in the office.

We will be working at these limited times remotely from home using the telephone answering machine messages from 250 338 2599 and will not be checking office email.

If you are a current dental patient of our office and you have a true dental emergency that cannot wait for a call back on the next Monday or Thursday, you can telephone our doctors at home.

Please call 250 338 2599 for that information.

If you are a current patient of our office and you are unable to reach the doctors at home, please proceed** to the nearest hospital emergency room.

**proceed directly or call ahead as per the severity of your dental emergency and as per community guidelines and general recommendations of BC Public Health re: Covid 19.

We deeply appreciate how well our community is practicing patience, kindness, and fairness with each other especially at this time.

We will revise this notice as more information is available to us during this rapidly changing time.

 We are following the developments and science of this pandemic closely so that we can continue to provide the best dental care possible, safely as always, for you, our valued clients and friends.

                                  For further information on Covid 19 and Dental Patient Safety visit the websites of The British Columbia Dental Association, and The College of Dental Surgeons of                                                 British Columbia and look for their Covid 19 updates.

Our wish for all is:

May you be well, safe, and calm.

May this public health crisis have as limited of an impact as possible on individuals and on our community’s health.

May we all take what steps we can to protect all aspects of our health, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

May everyone stay connected through safe means with their family, friends, neighbours and community.

May we all practice kindness and compassion with each other, especially at this time.